Different menu ordering MacOS / iOS


Not so much an issue but a consistent nagging for me. Surely there is a simple solution for this that I do not see…

If I swipe a note in the Draft List in MacOS I get the following options:

If I do the same on iOS the menu looks this way

Can I somehow change the MacOS menu, that it is the same as on iOS? The option to Trash as the farthest right option?

Thanks for a feedback

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I also prefer delete as the option on the right.

It’s a setting. Look for “Inbox swipe defaults to trash” in (...) list options above the list on both platforms.


Thank you very much @agiletortoise! I guessed that there was a way, simply did not find it…

Thank you @Chrome for pointing out the issue I didn’t realize that I had and now I’ve fixed it everywhere and my now OCD can calm down a little. :smile:

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