Dictation time limit

It was my understanding that Drafts 5 was supposed to overcome the dictation time limit seen in Drafts 4 (and linked to Apples imposed limit). Am I incorrect? One of the primary reasons I upgraded to 5 was for the ‘bypass’ of the dictation time limit. Is there a setting somewhere I’m not seeing?

Have you tried either the Dictate new draft action from the Drafts Action Directory, or tapping on the background of a draft and selecting “dictate” from the menu options? i.e. not using the keyboard microphone button but Drafts’ own built in dictation feature.

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Thank you. That was it. Awesome!!

But after playing with it, there’s this annoying ‘double bar’ (more like 3 equal signs in a row ===) that intermittently insert themselves into the middle of my dictation as a separator. What’s that about?

Most of this is covered in the dictation docs. Let me know if it doesn’t answer any questions.

It was all there. I will read all of these documents now to avoid posting topics that are covered in the support docs.


I’m curious. I’m looking at your support documents. ‘Editor’ specifically. There are quite a few Mac specific commands listed adjacent to the iOS commands in the figures. Is this indicative that a Mac version is coming? I saw the thread in the Community, and read the bullet point under ‘About Drafts 5’ where AT states ‘we hope to bring Drafts to Mac…’. But with actual Mac commands in the Editor documents, I’m thinking AT is more than at the ‘hope’ status?

Mac Specific Commands
Are you talking about keyboard shortcuts? They are accessible when using an external keyboard. They are not Mac commands.

Mac Version
There is a Mac version in the works. Greg has made reference to it in this forum, in the Slack groups (in which there’s a group he’s created specifically for discussing the Mac version) and in public on at least a couple of podcasts.