Dictate to a specific drafts note on the apple watch

I wonder how does one choose a specific note to dictate things in the drafts watch app.
can use Siri for that? And if so what’s the correct syntax? if not what’s the methods one can use to achieve this?

I would like for example to keep a single note with my shopping (a #shopping markdown note) items and keep adding to it via the Apple Watch drafts app.

thx a lot


The only way to do that on the Watch currently is to navigate to the draft in the app, and use the “Append” function to dictation additional notes.

thx @agiletortoise

appreciate the quick response. So I guess I would love to hear ways from the community to perhaps auto merge notes based on a specific criteria?
my thought is that each time I think of some product missing in my shopping list I can dd a note and that gets merged to the main shopping list? does that seem reasonable?