Dictate action - change language

One of the issues I have in using the Apple watch when dictating text is that I can dictate either in Portuguese or English but the watch will default to the languange that was last used on the phone.

Can I create an action to accept PT or EN based on dictate(pt-PT) and another one based on (en-EN)? Would that force the language on the watch to be the one I need at that moment?

The editor.dictate() scripting function certainly supports an optional locale parameter, like:


You’d just create an action with a single Script step containing that line, and then a different action with the “en-UK” (or whatever) version. I presume that, when triggered from the Watch, they’ll still do the same thing — but I haven’t tested that.

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This can be done with URLs, too:


That’s great!! Thanks (spoiler: it works! :rofl: )