Default Action from Apple Watch

The ability to dictate to Drafts makes the Apple Watch worth it all by itself.

Is there any way to select a default Action to run after I create a new Draft with the Apple Watch? In particular it would be helpful if the Drafts complication on my watch face opened to dictation and then when done automatically sent the Draft as a message to a default Contact i.e. my wife.

You might be able to get pretty close to that just using Shortcuts on Apple Watch. I’m not sure there would be any benefit to using Drafts for your use case.

Also, Siri can send a dictated message to someone if you ask it to on the watch. That’s standard and what I often use to send a message to my wife when I am on the go.


That’s interesting - thanks

Siri works but takes quite a few more steps to send a message than Drafts would

Shortcuts seems promising. Interestingly Shortcuts is installed on my watch but it does not show as an option when I try to edit a complication on a watch face - why might that be?

Do you have any Shortcuts set to be available on the watch? It is a per shortcut setting.

Here is how my example shortcut looks in a top left complication position.


Tapping it asks me each time if I want to run it - hence my note of it being pretty close; I don’t know if that can be circumvented on the watch.

Siri con the watch can also trigger shortcuts too as another run option.


I do have a Shortcut configured to be available on the watch.

But when I try to configure complications, I get all sorts of options but Shortcuts is not among them

@sylumer - Never mind. I see that Shortcuts does show up as a complication option - it’s just only available on selected watch faces for some reason.

One of the solutions you suggest will work.