Customizable tabs view in Workspaces


Maybe I’m asking for way too much customization, but I’ll like to be able to hide Inbox/Flagged/Archive/Trash tabs by Workspace.

It’s not just that I don’t like the clutter of having tabs I don’t use, I consider it’ll help to realize the current workflow: dispatching tasks nor flagged, neither archive for me; when editing long texts, flagged and archive only; snippets repository is only for archived drafts; etc.

Thanks for listening!

And I never use Flagged so I’d like to remove it from all my workspaces.

Or maybe I need to learn the value of Flagged. :slight_smile:

For me, flagging feels redundant when you can tag and redundant again in Drafts because of the workspaces. I wouldn’t miss flagging at all, but I force myself to use flags to bookmark drafts I’m working on when switching devices –although, an on-going workspace will be savvier.

I’d prefer the flag feature didn’t have it’s own Workspace tab but instead pinned the draft to the top of my list of drafts. That to me seems infinitely more useful than the way it works now. If a draft need it’s own “space” that’s what tags are for.

I’m fine with Inbox, Archived, and Trash. Though removing Flagged as a tab and reducing the size of the trash tab might make things more clear for new users. Inbox is just that an inbox, archive is your regular database of drafts you’ve filed/taken action on, and trash is the trash. Maybe a 45/45/10 split when it comes to the size of the tabs (using a trash can glyph for the trash tab to save space).

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Simply the ability to break out or not break out tabs would be nice. For some workspaces, I just want All drafts together.

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