Create contact from draft


Is there an action somewhere that can create a contact within the iOS contacts app from a draft? Something similar to the actions that allow creating calendar events or reminders etc?

Would appreciate being pointed in the right direction or any help with creating something.



Hello @mmmmmm ,

I haven’t found an action in the directory, nor have I seen anything in the Scripting Reference. I believe it’s not quite possible right now. I’ve found stuff that works with Cardhop but that won’t really solve your issue.

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On Mac you can use our Interact Scratchpad app to parse Contact information out of text…and there are Drafts actions available.

No equivalent that I’m aware of on iOS.

Your best bet cross-platform is to pass off text from Drafts to Shortcuts, which has Contacts creation actions.


Thanks for this info. I actually downloaded Cardhop to test this functionality. It’s pretty perfect and exactly what I was looking for. It’s also supported by the free version. Maybe I’ll start use of Cardhop full time, I don’t know. But for now this at least works as a conduit to add stuff to the iOS contacts app, as it’s connected.

Thank you.

I had no idea about Interact Scratchpad. Definitely going to be looking into that!

Thanks for this. Have been playing about with it since you mentioned it and it’s very cool.

It’s a shame there is no iPad/iOS equivalent as I’m much more likely to be on either of those devices in reality, these days.

@agiletortoise - have been playing around with the add to Cardhop action that was suggested by @motopascyyy- I wondered how configurable it is (by someone that knows about this stuff - not me really!)

For example, I generally want to add a prefix, and name, a number, an email and then a note. How can I dictate what goes where? The note just gets spread out amongst all of the other address fields etc.

Is it possible to some how use a system similar to your excellent scratchpad suggestion?

I’m not especially familiar with CardHop. I know it can create contacts, but thought it was more designed around acting on your contacts. It look like, from their docs, the have just the one method that takes a “sentence” to parse – so, I would assume you need to write your draft text in a form that is the same as something you would type in CardHop directly.

Do not know what/if they have support for those more advanced fields.

Thanks- I’ll look at these docs and see if I can work something out.