Create a dash at the beginning of a line?

I often merge multiple items in drafts to create a taskpaper list that I send to Omnifocus. The tough thing, though, is adding a “-“ before specific items. Tapping isn’t always super accurate, and a long press slows things down when I’m trying to quickly move through items. Ideally I could tap roughly on the line I want, and then use a keyboard group to add a dash to the beginning of the line. Is there a way to do that?

The “Markdown List” action that ships in the default “Keyboard-Markdown” group does roughly that…have you tried it?

Will convert each line in the current selection to a list, adding the "- " at the beginning of each line. If there is no text selection, it simply adds the "- " at the beginning of the current line.

oh yeah, that’s perfect. was what i was looking for. thanks!

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