Control colors foreground vs background?

Is there a way to control the foreground text color and background color??

I would like to create the combination of cyan for foreground text and dark blue or light blue for background.

The canned Themes are nice and quick, but seeking the next level of customization for controlling the display.

Pro version 15.3.50

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Custom theming is something planned for future updates. Can’t promise exactly when, but it’s one of the higher priority items for 2020.

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Hey. New Pro user here, first thing I came looking for is this.
Are more Dark themes still in the plans, or ability to set custom themes ?
The selection of darker themes is rather limited and wondering if it’s still a high priority for this year. Thanks.

+1 on more dark themes with more contrast for Markdown syntax.

Custom themes are on the way. Can’t promise exactly, but should be this year.

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Thank you! Cool to know they’re not forgotten, with such a vibrant and diverse community we should have a ton of amazing themes showing up in no time!