Combine drafts from today

I would like an action to gather the drafts created today, combine them into a single document, and write them to an external text file.

An alternative would be an action that allowed you to select multiple drafts manually and combine them.

Are either of these currently possible?

First off, there is a built-in Merge operation in the draft list. Select drafts, and use Operations > Merge on iOS, or “Merge” in the list contextual menu on Mac.

Workspaces can also be structured around dates, like this “Today” workspace that can be installed from the directory.

You could write an action that would programmatically query that workspace, loop over the drafts and combine them to a file. That is certainly possible.

just posted an action in the directory that should serve you well

“save drafts from date - text dates”

I had a prior version with using the datepicker prompt, which is a bit more attractive, but this works fine, just chnage the date if needed. As it is, the default should get all today. Edit your output targets and names at the bottom of the script, marked lines. also, allows created vs modified, and tags, disallow tags, but nothing must be entered or changed. If you always want "created"instead of “modified”, you hsould be able to reverse the true and false on that line, just change the true to false and vice versa for timeSort switch.

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