[closed] Gifting Subscriptions

Does anyone know if we are able to gift subscriptions? I have friends interested in Drafts and are using the free version, but I would like to gift the subscription to them. If not, is the only option to send them money asking them to buy the subscription instead of a latte?

I do not believe there is a way to gift any in-app purchases. You can get an iTunes Gift Card (you can get and send them electronically) that will put credit on their App Store account…thus subverting the latte angle. :smile:

I decided to send a Venmo payment to my friend then kindly demand a year of Drafts Pro was purchased instead of a drink or two or five. He did, and he’s loving your app. He’s come across Drafts before on a website but never tried it. I described enough to get him started. Writing a quick note without worrying about filenames and saving files is superb! I’m sure he’ll go down the Drafts rabbit hole soon with the more advanced features.

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Appreciate the support. Make sure your friend signs up for the forum to ask questions! :wink:

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