Clear note action

I sometimes write drafts and just want to start over again. Does it make sense to create a clear note action (select all - delete) or would it be too dangerous if by accident a draft in the draft list was selected in which case all drafts would be deleted ?
How would one go about writing such an action ?
thank you for your time and help

It shouldn’t be dangerous at all.

Create an action with a single script step like this.

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works perfectly. thanks very much !

it‘s funny that the undo action cannot reverse the clear action.

I don’t think so given actions can be complex multi-stage processes. If you want to make sure you don’t do it by accident, then enable the confirm before running option on the action.

It is also worth noting that you could add the following line at the start to take a version backup.


thank you. The version save is an excellent and elegant idea.