Change Indentation (spaces vs tabs)

I generally prefer to use 4 spaces for indentation, but since I’ve been doing a lot of Drafts scripting on my iPhone, I’ve been trying out 2 spaces for a bit more room. I’ve also toyed around with using tabs (since that’s what the tab key inserts when using my iPad).

Since I like consistency, I wanted a way to easily change the indentation of a script. I created a Change Indentation action to do that. This is also useful when bringing in code from somewhere else with different indentation than what I use, and I want to quickly change it to match my current style.

Posting it here in case anyone else finds this helpful.

Thanks for this…I was thinking about the same thing. I had been using 4 spaces but on smaller screens, 2 spaces may be more practical.

I’ll install this and check it out.