Capture clipboard shortcut not working

On MacOS 11.6, I can’t get the ‘Capture Clipboard Shortcut’ (as defined in Preferences) to do anything. I have tried setting it to several different values, but none of them works.

The ‘Main Window Shortcut’ and the ‘Quick Capture Shortcut’ settings work fine. So does the ‘Capture Clipboard’ menu item from the dock.

As a debugging steps:

  1. Try a reboot.
  2. Try swapping over the keyboard shortcut for a capture option you have working in Drafts with the clipboard one and not the behaviour.

Hey, sorry about this issue. It’s a known issue in the current shipping version related to build issues using the current version of Apple’s Xcode. Should be resolved in the new update when Apple ships a version of Xcode compatible with macOS 12…likely next week.

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Thanks for the update. Not a particularly urgent issue, but I thought it best to report it.

@agiletortoise - I have this issue as well, I just purchased Drafts Pro from the App Store today. Is there a different version I should use? I’m using the latest version of macOS Big Sur, I plan to upgrade to Monterey within the next couple of weeks. I can’t post a second time because I’m a “New User” on the forum, so I’m editing this post. I tried this on a machine running Monterey and the shortcut DOES work as expected. So this seems specific to Big Sur, and maybe others.

I have a fix for this coming in the next update. Having to ship this issue was an unfortunate side effect of issues with the delayed release of the Monterey SDK betas last month, but I’ve been able to resolve the issue for future updates. Appreciate your patience.

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