Capture amore detail when capturing from iOS youtube app?

Hi all

so ive noticed that as opposed to capturing from Safari, when capturing from the iOS youtube app (via the share button). All i get is a “lousy” :slight_smile: URL which has no title, name or anything else to identify what the video is later on…

is aw that on safari one can change the capture template (

Can something be done from youtube captures? I capture alot of info while watching youtube and its very hard to understand what the videos are since all i get is a simple youtube URL, ie:

any ideas very appreciated!


What is captured depends on what is sent. It’s the YouTube app that’s sending that information. You would need to insert something like a Shortcuts share sheet shortcut that goes out and gets extra information about the YouTube video based on the URL it gets passed; and then pass that on to Drafts.

ahh that’s a great idea! :slight_smile:

ill explore the inter tube to try and find examples

thx a lot @sylumer


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