Capitalizing Lists

Whenever I use the built in actions for bulleted lists and / or to do lists on iPhone Drafts defaults to lower case. Is there a setting or tweak I can make to these actions so that the first character after the bullet or check box is capitalized? Thanks.

You could use an action to uppercase them all afterwards, but I don’t recall seeing any in-app settings to do what you are asking.

Soft keyboards follow the settings you have in Settings > General > Keyboards. That’s where the “Auto Capitalization” setting is. But that is explicitly tied to things like new lines and periods as new sentence markers, which trigger the capitalisation. A hyphen and space merely indicate a continuation, a break but jot a termination in a sentence; so it has no effe t and that is baked into the OS.

Is there a way to adjust the script in the existing actions? Capitalization of the first word of a bulleted list is the normal behavior in every other app.

Usually there are different script used in different actions. Also actions don’t run as you type.

Can you be more specific? Please link to any actions that you reference.

This one. which is built in with the app.

Trying to go from …

  • foo


  • Bar

Here you go.

Thanks. Still not working. If I hit the command it creates a bullet. But the next character I type on iPhone is still lowercase.

As noted previously, an action could be used to uppercase the first character in the lines afterwards but not when being typed.

The action you specified is used to convert selected lines into bulleted lines.

Here is its description.

Toggle Markdown list for selected lines, maintaining indentation.

I modified the action to also uppercase the first letter of each line, and shared the revised action above.

If you use the action before typing you lines, it will operate on an empty line, adding I a a hyphen and a space only. There being no test to uppercase.

Please re try the action using it after you have entered and selected your lines to be bulleted.

I had requests for this behavior capitalizing new lines early in the run of the app, implemented it, then immediately had a bunch of requests to disable it. Can’t please everyone, I suppose. :man_shrugging:

I’ll consider re-adding it.

Thanks. Or maybe make it an option

Thanks for this reply! I’ve always been irritated with what I thought was inconsistent capitalization in bullets.

It never occurred to me that the first letter of a bullet isn’t actually the first letter of the sentence.

Suddenly the world makes sense again.