Can't use arrow keys in keyboard shortcuts for Actions

When specifying a physical/external keyboard shortcut for an Action, the arrow keys aren’t able to be specified as shortcut keys (presumably because the field is consuming them as cursor-movement events).

Bumping this (mostly in hopes that there’s a way around this limitation). Would love to make a ⌘⌃↑/↓ shortcut for this action and its partner to mirror the functionality of my text editor. I might wind up setting this up on macOS through the system keyboard shortcuts, but I’d miss it on the iPad.

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I just ran into this problem when trying to assign a shortcut using arrow keys to the next marker and previous marker actions recently made available. The best workaround I could find was to make control and + (and control and -) as the keyboard shortcuts. It’s working well so far.

I’m trying to use Cmd-Ctrl-Up/Down/Left/Right as shortcuts for different actions but haven’t figured out a way to insert any arrow key using the UI?

Is this something that still isn’t possible two years later? Are there any workarounds… perhaps specifying the shortcut combo within a script?


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+1 for this. would be great for my actions to move lines of text up and down, as well as the indent and outdent actions. thanks!

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Thanks so much for putting this into v22! Patch notes implied to me that it was an iOS ≤13 restriction. Can’t wait to get a chance to sit down and tweak my Drafts set-up soon.