Can’t delete draft from watch

I have a draft that is on my watch. It won’t delete. There is a dot (not sure what color, I’m colorblind) in front of first word. Did I hit something by accident that made it not be able to be deleted from phone?

Can you delete other drafts, but just not a specific draft?

You could post a photo or screenahot of this dot on the Apple watch.

How long has that one been there? There was a bug which I think was fixed in 5.2 which could orphan a draft created on the Watch in the state your describe. But if this one was already there prior to the update, you will have to uninstall-reinstall the app from the Watch using the Watch app on the phone to remove it.

I had this problem about 2 weeks ago. Uninstalled app and reinstalled about 2 weeks ago. Was working. Now stuck with one draft on my watch.


Yes, others delete. This one is stuck.