Can I create a workspace that doesn't show up in the icon menu? And if so, how DO I access it when I want to?

I’m a clergy person, and I want to create a workspace of all my past sermons as an archive. I don’t need to access them that often, so I don’t need to see it in the workspace list (I’ll have the workspace defined by a tag so that drafts are automatically sent to that workspace), but I will occasionally want to access it … Is this at all possible? Thank you!

I don’t think there is. Why not simply use the archive folder in each workspace?

I’d disagree. you can use the workspace object (see the reference) in a script.
you would need to

  • create the workspace with your tag (WITHOUT CALLING the “.update()” method)
  • then call app.applyWorkspace(workspace);

this should apply the workspace without saving it - but why don’t you just use the tag filter then? open the tag view on the left, tap on your defined tag and then your drafts will be filtered…

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Oh that didn’t even occur to me, that you can also choose NOT to view specific tags … Thanks!

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