Calendar-storm action in Fantastical?

Does anyone know of an action that would alle me to essentially “calendar-storm” in Fantastical?

So having a draft like this:

Lunch with Bernie at 1.30 pm on Wednesday at The Garden Restaurant for 2 hours

Movie-night with Cas on Saturday at 8 pm at home for 3 hours

Practice on Thursday at at 3 pm at the Gym

Budget meeting on Monday at 2 to 4 pm at work

Having a draft like the above and then pressing the action and having Fantastical parsing all of those in one swoop and with one single action.

Does anyone know of or know how to create such a wonder?

I’m guessing you haven’t searched in the Action directory for “Fantastical”. You should :wink:

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I did that just after posting actually and found the “Fantastically Good Event Parser” which does what I need. But I was actually looking for a shortcut that would parse only text related to the event in the draft and ignore all other text. Thanks sylumer! If I ever meet you I will buy you a big beer and probably two!

The easiest way to do this would be to start each event line with a special character of some sort. You could then modify the actions in the Action Directory to parse only the lines that start with that character (and only the text on that line following the special character).

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