C[olor]ed themes

Are you in the mood to add some colorful flair Drafts :art:?

I released six c[olor]ed themes for Drafts.
They can be used in different workspaces to easily distinguish where you’re currently working. Or, you can simply choose a color you like and use it throughout the app.

For now there are six beautiful colors, but if you’re missing a color, just let me know.

If you find something that doesn’t look great or you have other suggetions, reply below :slight_smile:

cBlued: cBlued | Drafts Directory
cGreened: cGreened | Drafts Directory
cMastodoned: cMastodoned | Drafts Directory
cMinted: cMinted | Drafts Directory
cOrange: cOranged | Drafts Directory
cRed: cRed | Drafts Directory


That’s too cool. Thanks for creating these.


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These look great! A ‘Notes’ yellow would fit one of my workspaces perfectly…

Thanks for the suggestion - you mean the Apple notes yellow right?

Yes please, that would be amazing

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let me know what you think :slight_smile:

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Looks great! Perfect backdrop for my notes workspace. Thanks!!

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The Mastodon is a fun color. Thanks!

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