Beach ball in Drafts too?


The title might be a bit misleading because I don’t really think what I see reveals any problem (as the beach ball does) but when I run an action I see this:

Screenshot 2020-09-03 at 20.27.15

I look at the activity monitor and nothing weird happens, no significant CPU is being consumed by Drafts. Yet the animation on this little sun like symbol to the right of the action button keeps active as if something was wrong.

What is the deal with this? What does this indicate?


Not knowing much about it but being a Performance person, I’d say that elapsed time is not the same as CPU time. In other words the action’s running but it’s not burning CPU - because e.g. it’s waiting for something. Just a guess.

Can you share the action? Presumably it is not completing for some reason - could be a number of things which happen in an action that leave it incomplete (async scripting, waiting on URL callbacks, etc.)

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I wonder if there’s some time stamp based debugging that could be done. For example, if this is JavaScript based one might use console.log() to write the time out.

I discovered what happened. I had this action as a part of a Keyboard Maestro macro. There was a step in the KM process that was not completing and that got the action stuck. I did not realize this because some of the output of the action was visible in the draft so I thought it was completed.


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