Badges for New Inbox and Unprocessed Items

Greetings. I have had drafts for a while, but I am really starting to get into it now. I like the badge feature. But here is my situation. I would like the badge to show me how many drafts are left to process. I like that it tells me how many drafts are in the inbox. But after I have organized, updated, tagged, updated my note, I want to move it out of my inbox. But the only options are trash and archive. I would like to get it out of the inbox so that the badge does not show up. I would like the badge to be my reminder to process what I have captured in my inbox. Here are a few of my questions.

  • What are the solutions that you might be using?
  • Do you move everything that is not deleted to the archive folder?
  • Is there a way to create a new tab/folder?

Thank you so much.

Tags to filter down the areas of interest and workspaces to allow quick and easy access to sets of tags. I use tags across everything.

Think of tags like folders… but with more flexibility. A draft only belongs to one folder, but can have many, or even no, tags.

I do also use flag, but more as a quick access “priority” equivalent to a tag.

Once I’ve processed it, yes. For me the inbox is just a starting place… a virtual inbox.

If it is a one shot then it goes straight to trash.

If it is ongoing it stays in inbox.

Everything else, straight to archive for reference or re-use.


Hope that helps.

Thanks for the great ideas.

You can also filter the badge. I have mine set to “untagged” so it only counts Inbox drafts that have no tags assigned. Some more tips here:

I like it!!!
Do you try to zero out your inbox?