Badge Count for a Specific Tag


Hi. What’s the possibility of adding a setting for the badge count to reflect only notes with a specific tag? My use case is that I like to enter todo’s for later processing in Things. I automatically tag my notes entered from my watch with “siri.” I’d like the badge count to indicate how many notes I need to process for Things. Is this possible?


There’s a tag filter in settings > badge > badge filter


Wow, I can’t believe I missed that setting. Thanks so much for the tip.


Now we just need a tag filter/workspace to filter drafts on the Apple watch itself!


That’s a good idea! I’d like to be able to see the a tag count on the complication itself.


It’s been suggested and requested several times so I know it’s on @agiletortoise radar. Just waiting for it to make it in to a release. It’s one of the features I’m really dying for.