Automatically import file from iCloud

I would like an option to automatically import any new text file that is placed in the iCloud Drafts folder. I wonder how doable that is?

I would suggest that having a specific sub-folder within that folder would to import from would be better. Being able to be specific about what you may just wish to store vs. what you wish to import would in my opinion provide better flexibility and also reduce the risk of accidental imports.

Currently Drafts can be configured to import from reminders (which for me was superseded by Drafts & Siri integration) so I would think it would be a similar sort of process to do this sort of periodic checking against iCloud.

In the interim, you could probably write an action that when run would go and check an import location and import any files in there. The downside is of course it is an automated process that requires a manual trigger.

Yes indeed.
After I posted this I realised an import folder would be the better option. I also created a Workflow that I can trigger with a Drafts action. I’d still like a preference setting though.