Automatic action upon draft creation?

I see this thread is a few years old, so I wanted to see if this has changed since it was answered back in 2018.

Is there a way to automate an action to be triggered immediately upon completing a new draft?

I’m an attorney and I want to use my Apple Watch to capture time entries as I do work. So I would be creating anywhere between 20 to 40 very short drafts every day. It would be great if drafts could automatically run an action that would append a new time entry to an existing Excel spreadsheet or even an MS Word or TXT document that I could create in OneDrive. Or perhaps append to a table that I create in OneNote.

Slight variation on the question is whether you can automate an action to occur at a specific time every day? Like have my time entry drafts all appended to my spreadsheet at 8:00 pm every day?

Thanks and sorry if these are dumb questions. I’m brand new to Drafts.