Append to Note Obsidian Periodic Notes

I have been working with a previous conversation for the Obsidian Append to Daily Note and the shortcut opens drafts then opens the obsidian vault and stops at this point. I am wondering if it will only work with the Obsidian built-in basic daily notes plugin and not Periodic Notes?
If anyone is using periodic notes and has this working, please can you let me know?


Periodic notes for Obsidian reference days, weeks , months, quarters and years, and so extend the core daily notes. Each note is still a Markdown file and has a prescribed file name based on a preset structure.

Drafts can create or append to such files directly within a vault. Without requiring any interaction with Obsidian.

Drafts can also open such files in Obsidian via a URL call.

In many cases people have also used some of the Obsidian URL scheme, or more often, the URLS of the Advanced Obsidian URI plugin to trigger an indirect creation or appending.

If you can link to the specific “previous conversation”, specify what periodic note you want to open (probably daily I guess), the vault and folder location of the files, the filename format being used, and what you want to do (e.g. Create new quarterly note from current Draft and then open the note in Obsidian), if you have the Advanced URI plugin available, and what OS you are trying to get this to happen on, I’m sure we can help you.