Append to craft's daily note

Hi there, as a new craft user with the update last night, I was wondering if anyone has figured out how to prepend/Append to the daily note. I am using @FlohGro 's actions but I would have no idea how to make it variable by the date. Any assistance would be appreciated. I live in the daily note

According to the info I got from the Craft community this is currently not possible.
You could of course copy the markdown deeplink of each daily note every day and add it to the configuration draft for the append/prepend actions I created.
But it is not possible to automatically select the actual daily note

After chatting with Colin, we were able to figure out a somewhat solution in Drafts alone.

You can use Craft’s x-callback-url to search and then set the query to be “Today” Craft will always return the today daily note as the first option (Calendar entries are prioritized in search). From there you select and paste…

Not perfect but consistent.

You will need to add your space-id to avoid creating a daily note in the wrong space (if you’re using more than one)


Thanks @kjaymiller for your assistance in talking this through with me

No idea if this is still relevant to you, the post just popped up for me so I thought I’d drop that link here:

You can use a drafts action together with a shortcut to add the content of a draft to the daily note in Craft