Append callback action does not focus the editor

When opening a drafts5://x-callback-url/append?uuid=DRAFT_ID&text={query}, if the editor has been opened with the focus on the search bar (with cmd-shift-f), then the focus stays on the search bar instead of going to the appended drafts that’s now in view.

I’d expect the focus to go to the draft viewport (or maybe have an option to do the append in background of the app, with no viewport and no focus update).


Those URL do not alter the focus. If you were in the search field before running it, that’s where you would remain. Is there a compelling reason it should alter the focus to the editor?

I use this to add an entry to my “daily journal”, with the current time stamp and the idea is to continue typing the rest of the entry after the timestamp:

- 2020-02-10T10:16 foo bar
- 2020-02-10T13:41 baz
# ^ previous entries, v new entry just added via the append command
- 2020-02-19T15:05 []<- cursor is usually there and I can type: "did quz..."

Alternatively, having a shortcut key or a command to focus the main editing view would be nice bonus if capable to seek a BEGIN|END|nth byte/lines

⌘-enter (Toggle Editing in the Edit menu) toggle focus between editor and draft list.

Will think about the focus issue on URLs.

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