Anyone integrate with TickTick?

has anyone done any integration of Drafts with TickTick?

I see this question has gone unanswered but I would like to know this as well. Maybe bumping this to the top would get it noticed.

I did find this in the Drafts 4 action list. It works, if you migrate to Drafts 5, to an extent. It will import the task but it seems the priority is set to high. Due dates and times doesn’t work. Tasks go in the inbox.

Maybe someone with more knowledge with URL schemes can figure it out?

Yes, there are 3 you will see in search results:✓&q=ticktick

I didn’t realize you could edit the actions! I didn’t like that the “Task in TickTick (Content)” and “(Batch Add)” left the draft - I wanted it gone.

You just tap on the Actions icon in Drafts, swipe right on the action, tap “Edit” and boom you can change “After Success” to “Archive” or “Trash”, your choice :wink:

I thought I would have to download the script, edit it, make a new one, and test it. But no, I can just change the defaults in this case. Nice!