Anyone having speed issues with ios 13?

Running on an iPhone 7+ and the app just generally feels a lot pokier than it used to, primarily when interacting with other apps. If I save text from Safari via the share bookmarklet, it’ll take 3-5 seconds to appear. My taskpaper > omnifocus action chugs along when it used to be very swift. Anyone had similar issues?

Yeah facing the same on my iPhone 7. Some help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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unfortunately i had to upgrade on the omnifocus side (much of it was an OF issue). the app was nearly bricked it was running so slowly… really not thrilled about it.

I have not done a lot of testing on an iPhone 7 using iOS 13, but have done quite a bit on an iPhone 8+ and have felt like things were pretty slow all around - not just Drafts, but more or less everything. Are you saying you are having specific issues with Drafts being slow when other things seem fine?

I find iOS 13 (actually iPad OS 13) on my original 12.9” iPad Pro slower in general. So it might ha nothing to do with Drafts.