Any way to force a Google search to be conducted in Safari and not in the Google app?

For several years I’ve run a Google search action on drafts within Drafts. The URL is as follows:[[draft]]

This worked as expected - run action, Safari opened up with a Google search on the draft’s contents. However, at some point in recent months, when run, the result pops open the Google app on either my iPhone or iPad.

Now I know I could simply delete the Google app, but assuming I didn’t want to do this, is there a way of adapting the URL so that it does what it previously did - conducts the search in Safari?

I can’t get the Google app to open instead on my iPad to test this, but I can offer a few suggestions for further testing to see if we can figure out if there’s a particular cause for it.

  • As a control case, can you try substituting in for (the rest of the URL structure should be okay).
  • Try the Google URL with https rather than http.
  • Also try removing the www. part of the Google URL.
  • What happens if you switch to trying .com or .ie rather than

Hopefully the reusults might hint at an alternative for you.

Great stuff. Thanks for your help. Ammending as below means it now opens in Safari. Cheers.[[draft]]