Any way to automate an extra newline between bulletpoints while writing?

One question I’ve had for awhile — is there any way to automatically add an extra newline between bulletpoints while writing?

I should probably be writing the bulletpoints out condensed and then run an action to add the extra newlines — but I find when I’m jotting down bullets, I prefer the extra space in-between (so I’m typically hitting Enter several times and then adding the new bullet myself).

Thanks for any tips!

Do you actually want an extra line, or is this just to provide visual spacing? You could increase the “Paragraph spacing” (or, optionally, “Line height”) in editor settings to get visual spacing without cluttering your text with extra line feeds.

Not sure if you are ever outputting these lists, but putting the extra line would make Markdown output it as separate lists, each with one item in them.

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Great tip on increasing the “Paragraph spacing”!

I actually prefer the extra newline — a lot of my notes go through the Markdown Mail action for emails (and I prefer the “lots of whitespace” bulletpoint output) — but if there’s no way to automate it when writing out lists, this will at least give the increased visual space until I can run a separate action once I’m done jotting down notes.

Thanks Greg!