Allow the option to return the UUID from a callback URL create action

I have several automations where I would like to have the UUID of a Draft after it is created (e.g. to have a link to the Draft in the notes of an OmniFocus task), however right now I am somewhat limited in my options - and I have to use the clipboard to hold the UUID (which often necessitates putting the clipboard somewhere and then getting it back). Would it be possible to return the UUID of a Draft once it has been created?


Beginning in release 5.3 the /create URL scheme will all the uuid parameter to the x-success callback.


Thank you very much!

Hi - I’m a bit out of my depth here, but I wonder if I could follow up on this question from almost a year ago. I’ve been sending notes/annotations (along with their tags) from drafts to a specific DEVONthink folder:
This has been a pretty good system, but I’m trying to further develop this scheme to file these into a new folder within that folder (or if not, simply into the inbox?). I can use Devonthink’s URL scheme to create a new group, like this:
but I’m not quite sure on how to connect these two. I understand from the Devonthink forums, that a custom success= parameter might allow me to pass the UUID to a second URL? At the end of the day, if this is not possible, not a big deal, but I’m having fun trying to make drafts → DEVONthink as frictionless as possible. Any thoughts/suggestions appreciated!

Currently this seems to be a separate topic rather than a continuation of the original one, I don’t see where the referencing of a UUID of a Drafts draft creation fits in. If I understand correctly, you’re processing in the opposite direction.

If you are using a callback action step from Drafts, then the result returned should be accessible via the template tag [[callback_result]] - see the callback action step documentation for details.

Ah, you are right. Sorry for the confusion. I’ll follow your link to the documentation.