Allow "ALL" tab to optionally ignore tag filters

I have several workspaces, and each one filters for different tags. One problem I’ve discovered though is that the filters apply across the workspace, including the ALL tab.

This means there is no way to truly see all of my Drafts without temporarily clearing the tag filters, or switching to an unfiltered workspace.

I need to filter for tags in INBOX, FLAGGED, and ARCHIVE, but it would be great if I could optionally see all Drafts in the ALL tab. Maybe not in every one of my workspaces, but it would be very useful to have that option. Would it be possible to add a toggle to the ALL tab (in the Manage Workplaces screen) to ignore tags?

I think the point of a workspace *is* to filter down and that includes the all drafts tag. It doesn’t sound to me that this would fit with the current workspace metaphor and that an unfiltered workspace would be the way to do it. It certainly is currently, but I think it would make sense to keep that going forward or else risk subverting what a workspace “means”.

True. I wanted to avoid having to leave the current workspace to find a note, but that’s not really a problem. I just created a new workspace called “unfiltered”, which does the trick.

Thanks so much for the quick reply.

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