Agenda Actions V2

I use Agenda for organizing my notes. The current Agenda Action is great and works great in putting the Drafts into the Inbox.

I was going to expand to allow me to select all the Categories in Agenda. Is there anyway to get those Category names from Agenda? If not, what is the best way for me to create a table or list that I can update as I add Categories?

Thanks very much!

The Agenda x-callback-url options don’t seem to be able to list projects, which I assume is what you are referring to by “categories”; but I don’t use this app so perhaps I’m wrong on the terminology here?

Assuming the above assertion is correct, it looks like you might need to maintain category lists manually.

The simplest method would be to have a separate action for each category that you modify the entry for in the x-callback-url.

Assuming you are using this action, it utilises the following URL.


You would then modify the project-title parameter from Inbox to your alternate project name.

If you want a single action that offers you a list to select from, take a look at the prompt action step, and then use the result tag in your x-callback-url for the project name.

Hope that helps.

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