Actions that "Run Drafts 4 Action" missing from list

I’ve noticed that any actions that have the step “Run Drafts 4 Action” doesn’t show up in the Mac version of Drafts.

Is this on purpose?

Sometimes I have the same Action that I want to exist in two different Action Lists (to be activated by different Workflows), but I don’t want to duplicate them and run the risk of one of the Actions being out of date (if I was to change the script or something).
So instead, I create a “duplicate” action which just calls out to the original Action - so if I should change the script of the original Action, the “duplicate” would be updated also.

But I’ve noticed that when I open my Action list on my Mac, any of the “duplicate” actions, with the “Run Drafts 4 Action” step, is missing.
Also, I have checked to make sure that the visible on MacOS is toggled on for these Actions.

If this is done on purpose, does anyone have a workaround for this?

Actions that are not compatible with the platform are hidden by default. If desired, you can change the visibility settings in the list options.

What are you still using the Drafts 4 action step for, if I might ask? Seems like it’s time to migrate that action directly to run in Drafts so it will be cross-platform and not require you to keep Drafts 4 around.

Thanks for that, and thanks for pointing out about the Drafts 4 thing.

I was just using the “Run Drafts 4 Action” step because I didn’t notice the new “Include Action” step. I’m not actually using Drafts 4 anymore.

After changing the “Run Drafts 4 Action” step to be “Include Action” instead, the Actions are now showing up in macOS’s version of Drafts