Actions load indefinetly when clicked

It doesn’t matter if it’s something as simple as “Copy” sometimes it will just load forever. For actions with URL commands it will randomly execute hours after I gave up on it loading, and execute dozens of times until i shut off my phone, to which it stops. What could be causing this? It doesn’t happen all the time, just frequently, and across both of my devices, iPad and phone.

Most likely, you have at least one misbehaving action. Actions run in sequence, only one at a time, so if one never completes, others will not start, they will just sit in a queue.

There could be a couple of culprits of this in an action, but I suspect there is one you use periodically that misbehaves and gets you in this hung state. I would try to track down what action that is…most common cause would be an action that uses a Callback URL action step, or CallbackUrl in script, that opens another app and waits for a response - but never gets one from the other app.

Drafts will eventually give up waiting and timeout, failing that action (I believe it waits 60 seconds), thus allowing your queued actions to continue.

If you can pin down which action is cause this hang, I could more accurately advise how to fix it. Most likely error in this case is using a Callback URL step to open a URL for another app that does not support x-callback-url and thus never returns to Drafts.

its a URL callback for a flashcard service called Anki, it does do callbacks, and the action works sometimes, but mostly it brings me into the death loop :frowning:

When you use the action, does Anki launch, then return to Drafts? If it does not return to Drafts, then a callback is not being called correctly to continue the action. This could be a problem with the way the action is constructed or a failure on Anki’s end to complete the x-callback-url contract.

If you share the action you are using, we could probably point out any likely issues.

You could also completely avoid this problem by turning off “wait for response” in the Callback URL step in the Drafts actions, and Drafts will not wait for a response to complete the action.

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