Action to simply open chrome or any other app

I am looking for a way to create an action which would simply open any app (Chrome for example) when I am in Drafts iOS on my iPad, using a keyboard shortcut (easy to do once I have the action).
I tried to decipher the callback URL syntax, but it is too complex for me.
thank you

If you want to simplify it, use an action to call a Shortcuts shortcut. Shortcuts has an “Open App” action that you can then utilise.

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Thank you very much!
As usual you save the day

I created both the drafts action and the shortcut but when I trigger the drafts action, Chrome opens and immediately bounces back to my drafts screen
Thank you

I mistakingly replied to myself below

Install these as an example that shouldn’t have you bouncing back to Drafts.

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Thanks very much for all your work. I greatly appreciate the fact your took the time to write both actions. I now have all possible shortcuts at my disposal.
I also learned that %20 means empty space

See encoding for additional details.

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