Action to select only body


I have a very specific need for an action that would select only body of the note and copy selected text to the clipboard. Unfortunately, I don’t have programming skills to make my own script and couldn’t even find similar scripts to modify to my needs.

Even though I’ve found “select all” action in the directory, manually moving slider from the title to exclude it and then press a button to copy selected text is sort of opposite to the intention of the app and all those amazing automation tools.

Any help is appriciated =)

No need for scripting to accomplish this…

The Clipboard action has a template that controls what content is placed in the clipboard. The default [[draft]] tag puts the entire content of the draft in the clipboard, but you can duplicate the built-in Copy action and edit it to use the [[body]] tag.

The template docs have more details on the available tags.

Thank you very much for the help and quick response!