Feature Requests

Scripting action to retrieve a list of files (4)
Store data in Credential without user intervention? (1)
Integrate 1Password App extension into Credential object? (1)
Word Count for selection (3)
More options for Fonts in Current Syntax settings (1)
Please add an option to HTTP.request() to not follow redirects and add a headers property to HTTPResponse (1)
Indent lines while arranging (1)
Tappable Checkboxes on Apple Watch (1)
Shortcut to Refresh TextExpander Snippets (2)
Reading Mode for long drafts (1)
Ability to change font for Markdown preview (4)
Option to sort workspaces by date/time the draft was last actioned (1)
Allow workspaces to match tags with "or" (6)
Ability to make new folder tabs (1)
Placement of “active typing” in the middle/upper half of the screen (5)
Ability to dismiss HTML Preview via keyboard (4)
OR functionality in workspace filters (3)
Send Clipboard contents through an action - Drafts 5 (14)
Larger text, especially in prompts/dialogs, and respect Dynamic Text (7)
Send Back to Host App from Extension (4)
Action to Switch Extended Keyboard Row (3)
Apple Watch Complication: Count based on Workspace (or Filter) (4)
Easy to reach buttons (9)
Adding Interact app scratchpad functionality to Drafts 5 (1)
Double height keyboard action rows (1)
TTS (text to speech)? (1)
Workspace Improvements (4)
Slack Integration (4)
Allow importing common text file-extensions besides "txt", e.g. "html" etc (2)
Add a script command to trigger the iOS dictionary popover (5)